Stop giving "Feedback Sandwich"

“feedback sandwich”: two pieces of positive reinforcement wrapped around a thick slice of criticism.
As a business owner, you must have used a "feedback sandwich" to deal with your employees, but this method rarely achieves your goal of providing assistance. Instead, try to help by providing neat advice, for example: Instead of saying, I'm giving you these comments because I don't like your work very much," you could say something like, "I'm giving you these comments because I have very high expectations and I know that you can reach them." Here, instead of the employee feeling attacked, he now feels that this person supports him and believes in his future.
Avoid self-serving statements like “You really made me look bad in there,” and focus instead on them: “You missed an opportunity to learn more about your client.” Finally lay out what you would like them to do instead. Be specific: “Next time, if a thought comes up while the client is speaking, jot it down and wait until they finish before jumping in.” This kind of feedback is respectful, clear, and actionable, and will boost your chances of actually pushing your employee to learn and grow. Giving clear, honest feedback is the best way to let people know you care.