What drives you to buy a property in Dubai?

The epidemic that struck the countries of the whole world and affected most of their humanitarian and commercial activities did not affect the amazing global performance of the real estate development and construction sectors in the UAE, and dozens of related commercial activities during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. The continuation of work in the real estate sectors has played a role in the r... Read More

The real estate sector in Dubai

The real estate sector in Dubai is considered one of the most glamorous sectors, as it abounds with various types of affordable properties, all the way to luxury properties. The real estate market in the Emirate of Dubai is witnessing continuous growth, and more investment attractiveness in terms of real estate sales, which reached 7,000 deals, with a total value of 18 billion dirhams, which makes... Read More

What is SEO and how does it work?

SEO is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organicsearch engine results. A higher ranking when someone searches a term in your industry increases your brand's visibility online. This, in turn, gives you more opportunities to convert qualified prospects into customers. Therefore, you can use these following tips in ord... Read More

Social Media Marketing

Today more than any other day before we spend the most of our life on social media, to connect with others, engage, shop online, learn and further more. Which gives businesses the opportunity to digitally advertise their brands and products.What Is Social Media Marketing?“Social media marketing (SMM) is using social media platforms as channels for brand promotion, target audience growth, driving w... Read More

Leadership Strategies to improve your team's engagement and success

Learning how to be a good leader can greatly impact the success of your team, your organization and yourself.To be an effective leader, you must understand your own motivations, strengths and weaknesses."I think a great leader is one who makes those around them better," Dana Brownlee, founder of Professionalism Matters, told Business News Daily. "There are many litmus tests for a great leader, but... Read More


Let us pretend that you want to get information about a topic like Web Design, so you directly open Google and type -What is the meaning of web design? - You will see a page full of links that should contain the information you are looking for. What if you did not find the answer you want on the first page? Would you go to the second or maybe the third page? I can guess your answer is NO. Th... Read More

The Importance of LinkedIn in Business Marketing

There are 3.484 billion active social media users and 3.256 billion mobile social media users and an increase of 9% and 10% retrospectively on last year. These statistics are phenomenal, and so is the data and marketing potential that comes with it. Any business can improve their sales and marketing efforts by tapping into social media and building core followers through high-quality content.... Read More

What is DevOps ?

 What is DevOps?Few years ago, developing a software was a very long and effort-taking process, especially with the barriers and poor communication between development team and operations team in the company, there was no flexibility to change the requirements after the planning phase is over. Also, both of the developers and operators could work on different environments so if a bug occurs w... Read More

Expo Dubai 2021

"Connecting Minds... Creating the Future"The logo chosen by the United Arab Emirates as a title for the campaign to host the World Expo, where it was announced that Dubai won the right to host the exhibition during its general assembly in Paris in 2013 by the International Bureau of Exhibitions with a vote of 116 of the 164 members of the Bureau, where there’s 192 participants in the exhibition, a... Read More

What is the web development trends that every CTO should predict in 2021?

Each year web development trends change, So you should stay Up To Date about it. Either your business is aimed at e-commerce, digital marketing, or technology inventions, you should be aware of these top web development trends for 2021.Here are some of the website development trends you need to know in 2021:• PWAProgressive Web Application is meant to work on any platform that uses a standards-com... Read More