I do Digital
...and so much more.

"I totally cherished this concept which played a real incentive role that inspired me to toil day and night and reach my aspirations.
My passion for the technical world has fervently burned my heart since my first years and it became to grow more and more as time passed.”

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Who am I

Ali Fouad is a business transformation consultant who was born for this, as he stepped into the world of technology from the very early years of his childhood, embraced by supportive family who had nourish this passion in his vein and had a key – role during his journey to success.


He has worked for a number of grand technical corporations in many states in the Middle East like UAE, Al Bahrain, KSA, Lebanon, and Syria. To settle down eventually between UAE, and BH, devoting all his time to build his multinational technique empire and oversee multi-complex ventures spanning among different segments. Becoming a young self- made millionaire by the age of 26, after years of research planning, trials and many slips and flaws which were good motivation to move forward.


With persistence, insistence and solid determination he expanded his business from UAE to Al Bahrain, with constant striving to reach many other countries later on. Furthermore, he inspired many of his generations and gave a hand, and still giving, to hundreds of fresher and job seekers of different nationalities, he puts them on track by supplying all required basics, tools and strong strategies to help them break in the world of technology and lead a successful career.


He is concerned about making chances for youths, more than making money and fortune. He follows his dreams with an iron will and always insists on hard work based on thoughtful plans to reach goals, saying: "One must dream high but one must get down to earth to make those dreams come true." This is the story of an ambitious young man who believed his dreams, struggled, fought and went against all odds to achieve all his goals.